Soft Washing On Gutter & Roof Cleaning and Roof Moss Removal

Out of all the possible ways of cleaning roofs and gutters, soft washing still proves to be the most effective, most affordable and most eco friendly. As one of the leading roof cleaners in Vancouver, Top Roof Cleaning Services is renowned for mastering the art of soft washing. Cleaning the roof of your house, commercial building or strata are all quite a second nature to our expert roof cleaners.
Vancouver being one of the placid and rainy cities in Canada, the cases of dirty roofs, moss and algae growth are quite common. If you do hot effectively control the moss growth, clean up the debris, and clean out the gutters, the consequences will be uncontrollable and costly.
No matter how big or small your property is, it is important to know which method of roof and gutter cleaning suits your housing material best. Even though cement, rock and brick surfaces may take pressure washing in good grace, soft washing techniques are mandatory for cleaning the following materials safely.
  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Siding
  • Stucco
  • Signage
  • Plinths
  • Awnings
Regardless of what material is used and how well-constructed your property is; a neglected building or residence will decrease its market value, brand value and rent value.

Why is Soft Washing Better for Vancouver Moss Removal?

Your roof could be made of either of these roofing materials.
  • Flat asphalt shingles
  • Asphalt tiles
  • Metal
  • Cedar shakes
  • PVC
  • Cement
  • Slate
  • Clay tiles
  • Glass panels
Removing roof moss completely is quite a challenge. A pressurized spray of water will never be able to kill the ingrown moss and algae. Rotting debris, silt, mildew, mould, pest remains and bird droppings need to be deep cleaned with a chemical solution. This is exactly what our Vancouver moss cleaners do.

Steps of Soft Washing

The logic behind soft washing is the chemical penetration technique that works on any hard surface. The chemical solution used for this is a mix of nature-friendly ingredients. Also, soft washing must be handled by a professional roof cleaning service in Vancouver, because the proportions of mixing the solution, its dwell times and aftercare need to be practiced to perfection.
Step 1 — Roof cleaners in our company will first clean the debris off your roof, cover the landscape and walls with Tyvek house wrap, and gently spray the solution all over it.
Step 2 — The solution will sit for 20–30 minutes on the roof. The chemicals will seep through the surface layer and clean the roof shingles/tiles from within; breaking down moss and algae and removing discolouration in the process.
Step 3 — After the deep clean, the roof and gutters will be rinsed off thoroughly. Any debris or dead moss caught inside the gutters will be given a good rinse too.

Soft Wash For Better Results

Soft washing definitely gives an instant effect that will last for long. Cleaning your roof annually or semi-annually is sufficient. Unlike pressure washing after which the roof regrows moss and algae eventually, soft washing provides a deep cleanse and sterilizes the shingles/tiles. Specifically speaking, a soft washing treatment lasts 5–6 times longer than pressure washing treatment does. The risk of damaging your roof and gutters is zero in soft washing too, contrary to pressure washing in which shingles and tiles can be lifted, disarranged and broken.
Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is the leader in effective roof cleaning solutions. Instead of blowing off your roof with heavy and destructive pressure washers, we utilize human labour and biodegradable chemical solutions for roof cleaning and moss removal.
Call Top Roof Cleaning for any of your roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and moss removal requirements.


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